Nsg members rap

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Nsg members rap

Written by Minou Itseli Published on In many ways what NSG stands for doesn't really matter, however you choose to translate the acronym. What's more significant is the impact the group has had on the UK's fusion of Afrobeats, dancehall, and rap music in just a few short years. And, as they detail on their newest single Ourself, they've done it largely off the back of their own hard work: carving out a singular lane in the UK's blossoming rap scene.

With a hotly-anticipated full-length project on the horizon, we're chronicling how they got to where they are today -- through 10 essential tracks. Longtime NSG supporters will already be familiar with the group's earliest hit. Jo feat. The years between and served as something of a trial-and-error period for the group, as they experimented with different member combinations before settling on the six-piece lineup recognised today.

The track's title, Jo, means 'dance' in the West African languages of Yoruba and Ga, and -- with its lyrics and video referencing a whole range of different moves -- foregrounded the importance that viral dance moves would have on the group's explosion a few years later. But its influence extend beyond the sunny months -- as noted by Radio 1Xtra tastemaker DJ Kenny Allstar when he included the track his look back over the past decade in UK music.

We Dey feat. Kilo Keemz. No Jamo Full Ghana. It mostly played out on social media, fuelled by commentators comparing the two groups and noting their similar sounds, the fact they comprised multiple members, and were from the same area. With so many apparent similarities, there were bound to be comparisons. The added boost of this minor controversy helped spur the track on to clock up hundreds of thousands of views within weeks of being released, and NSG began to realise the power of their dedicated following.

Yo Darlin' feat. Options feat. Tion Wayne. Following the success of Yo Darlin', the group put out a steady stream of hits -- including the Not3s -featuring Pushing Uplate summer bop Natural Disasterand even a collaboration with former One Directioner Liam Payne. But it was Options that took the group stratospheric. The track peaked at number seven but, thanks to its catchy hook and a viral social media dance crazespent 24 weeks in the charts.

What are the NSG ‘OT Bop’ lyrics, what do they mean and is Drake featured on the track?

Singing about rich lifestyles and living without stress, the track mirrored NSG's ascent from zero to one hundred. OT Bop. The success of Options was always going to be difficult to follow up, but NSG delivered with their formula of one-liners fit for aspirational Instagram captions "Saving is boring, so I might go Harrods" and a new dance move for fans to master. Rumours that Drake was going to feature on the track helped too, and the video clocked a million views on YouTube within a day of arriving on the platform.

Trust Issues. NSG closed out their decade with the OT Bop tour and the arrival of Trust Issues -- the latter offering straightforward, feel good music and vibes. And of course, despite riding on a more laid-back beat, the crew still managed to work in an accompanying dance step for their followers to imitate.Sitting across a table in the somewhat formal west London offices of their label, Sony, the members of NSG bounce off each other as they remember the long road that brought them to overnight success.

Singles Chart with the former certified gold with oversales. Everything he touches is gold. This summer, the group was in a messy incident involving Afro Nation, a Portugal-based music festival that the group was due to perform at. NSG pulled out of the event last minute, having learned that they would be playing an early afternoon set and not, as they had assumed, one closer to the headliner. This all played out online and none of the NSG members are keen to talk about it today. But they all agree with the suggestion that this is another example of the group sticking to its guns.

We believe in standing up for that. Knowing themselves best is what has seen NSG rise this far, and looks to be its mantra as the group continues to soar. With a refusal to compromise and a world quickly coming round to its way of thinking, NSG has got reason to stand tall right now. Winter The Now Issue.

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Twitter facebook youtube instagram. By David Renshaw. Read Next: The best songs of Afrobeats, Hip-Hop, nsg. The 10 best new rap songs right now. Lute breaks down his love of cars in the second episode of Gold Mouf Chronicles.However, they started out as a simple group of friends, mostly hanging out in Hackney, hitting clubs together and enjoying life. According to them, NSG started as a joke originally. Every time we turned up at the club, we turned up as NSG. Just vibing. We got the African culture and vibes, we got American influences as well.

A lot of characters.

WPGM Interviews: NSG – Non Stop Grinding, Catching A Vibe And ‘Pushing Up’

The biggest influence is probably the African one though. As soon as we stepped into the music industry, the meaning changed. Over the past year, the UK has seen more and more artists in the UK Afrobeats scene and its subgenres Afro-Bashment and Afro-Swing — the overall genre grow with enormous popularity and notable artists such as Not3s, J Hus and Kojo Funds have made their mark in that scene.

NSG are slowly but surely becoming key figures within that genre as well, and in the UK music scene in general. There is six of us! Not entirely different, but still different. The thing with a lot of artists is that they emerge and have a couple sounds and vibes.

The video alone, which premiered via GRM Daily, accumulated over 12 million views to date. Every artist has a different writing and recording procedure, and especially when there are six members involved, it could get rather tricky. This is certainly not the case with NSG though.

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Just catching a vibe. We were actually on his tour last year as well.

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The tour was sick. The video shoot was sick, some of us were drunk so it was a lot of fun. We went to the studio together. Big up Liam Payne always.Legislatures :. It was raised in 15 Octoberfollowing Operation Blue StarAkshardham Temple attack and the assassination of Indira Gandhi"for combating terrorist activities with a view to protect states against internal disturbances". However, in Januarythe NSG was withdrawn from this task of VIP security to ensure its focus on its original roles as an elite counter-terrorism and anti-hijacking force.

A Major General of Indian Armyon deputation, designated as Inspector General operationsis responsible for planning and conduct of operations. Its members are drawn exclusively from the Indian army. The SAGs includes headquarters, support units, and training wing. The training of both the action and ranger group is conducted by the officers and NCOs drawn from the army. The two SAGs 51 and 52 are tasked for counter-terror and counter-hijack operations respectively.

A "hit" has six members — two pairs, or buddies, and a technical support member. Four hits make a team. A team is commanded by a Captain. In hostage rescue operations, depending on the situation, team size may vary between 50 and 90 NSG personnel. There are three SRGs — 11, 12 and NSG has set five regional hubs under regional deployment.

Five regional hubs are. NBDC was assigned the role of monitoring, recording and analysing all bombing incidents in the country. It also records and analyses various bombing incidents across the world to gain expertise knowledge in Bombing and related incidents and effectively counter such and share with relevant security agencies.

nsg members rap

All national security agencies which rely on NBDC for assistance in bombing incidents and related knowledge have high regards for its working culture. At present NBDC act as a nodal agency for all bombing related facets in the country.

National Bomb Data Centre primarily consists of personnel and officers from Indian Army Corps of Engineers who are Combat Engineers along with personnel and officers from Central Armed Police Forces with bombing related expertise knowledge.

It will be home to black cat commandoes, is tasked with tackling any terror threat in the four states of Andhra PradeshTelangana, Odisha and Chhattisgarh. The state has two trained anti-terror striking forces, besides the NSG, the Telangana Police 's counter-terrorist group, the OCTOPUSalso has a training facility in the same neighbourhood at Ibrahimpatnam, that has a strength of over personnel. NSG and OCTOPUS personnel, who undergo a gruelling training, including handling sophisticated weapons, commandos are sent back to their parent department once they attain the age of 35, ensuring that the force remains young and fighting fit.

As ofthe proposal to set up a state-of-the-art NSG training centre at Ibrahimpatnam on the lines of NSG Manesar training centre had been pending for over three years. But the MHA officials, in their annual report released recently, announced the release of funds for developing infrastructure. A regional centre at Hyderabad is also being raised, for which acres of land has been acquired.

MHA has conveyed sanction of Rs As of now, nearly commandos, ready for anti-terror operations round-the-clock, are stationed at the NSG hub at Trimulgherry. The NSG was established in the wake of Operation Blue Starand the high collateral damage to Golden Templeand civilian and military collateral casualties. Some of the NSG's known operations include:. Selection is demanding and has a drop out rate of about 70—80 per cent.

nsg members rap

Physical fitness training has 26 elements, ranging from a cross-country obstacle course to jumping from heights and across divides and scaling different kinds of terrain. One endurance test involves martial arts, target shooting at the end of an obstacle-ridden cross-country run. This is meant to gauge the candidate's performance under conditions of stress and exhaustion.

Those who successfully complete the tests are sent for nine months of advanced training. Before being inducted into the NSG, aspirants also have to undergo a rigorous psychological test.Grime is a genre of electronic music [7] that emerged in London in the early s.

It developed out of earlier UK electronic music style called UK garage[8] and draws influences from jungledancehalland hip hop. The style initially spread among pirate radio stations and underground scenes before achieving some mainstream recognition in the UK during the mids through artists such as Dizzee RascalKanoLethal Bizzleand Wiley.

In the mids, grime began to receive popular attention in Canada. Grime is generally considered to be distinct from hip hop due to its roots primarily being genres such as UK garage and jungle. Grime emerged in the early s in London.

The first grime track is often debated. Wiley at the timed dubbed the sound 'eskibeat' rather than "grime", which had yet to gain popular usage. It has also been suggested by artists themselves that the term fits as the music frequently talks about "grimy goings-on" in deprived areas.

At this point, the style was known by a number of names, including 8-bar meaning eight-bar verse patternsnu shape which encouraged more complex bar and bar verse patternssublow a music style and movement created by Jon E Cash with Dread D T Williams and crew "The Black Ops", [36] the name sublow being a reference to the very low bassline frequencies, [37] often around 40 Hz and eskibeat, a term applied specifically to a style initially developed by Wiley and his collaborators, incorporating dance and electro elements.

This indicated the movement of UK garage away from its house influences towards darker themes and sounds. Wiley's song " Wot Do U Call It " was released in and was made too address the identity problems grime was experiencing at the time, and to establish its separation from garage. Grime is not an offshoot of early electronic music, but rather a subgenre that draws from a wide variety of influences.

Early innovative artists such as Dizzee Rascal and Wiley were able to take the strong thumping drums of drum and basslyricism and vocal styles of UK garage and alter some of the rhythms of dancehall to capture all three genre's essences and add a new half-time, down-tempo dimension to the mix. The genre's popularity grew exponentially in the United Kingdom, as people across the scene's musical spectrum appreciated grime's eclectic mix of instrumentation and subcultures.

This hybridisation united many different music scenes, allowing for it to spread in the same word-of-mouth and mixtape-based style as hip-hop, yet still appeal to fans of electronic music. It also paved the way for more electronic music artists to incorporate stronger Jamaican influence in the future. Much like many other less mainstream forms of British electronic music, its main scene and fan base remained in the United Kingdom. Although grime is recognised as a creative and innovative musical style, [39] there are other contributing factors to its rapid and widespread growth in popularity.

The MCs producing current grime music are overwhelmingly young as a group, the most well known names in the industry, Dizzee Rascal and Kano, both getting their first hits at the age of 16 with " I Luv U " and " Boys Love Girls " respectively, and the resultant package of "youth making music for youth" is seen as a crucial factor for grime's success. Grime producers often battle in so-called "war dubs".

Dizzee Rascal garnered widespread critical acclaim and commercial success with Boy in da Corner winning the Mercury Music Prize. This was the birthplace of Wiley's famous rants, where he would often target forum users and resort to either trolling or humorous insults.

nsg members rap

The genre was predominantly non-visual in its early stages, meaning you would primarily only hear artists on pirate radio or through their music as opposed to actually seeing what they looked like. The DVD primarily showcased underground artists clashing or 'battle rapping' each other. The DVD eventually helped smaller grime artists find a platform through selling the DVDs to independent record stores throughout the UK and eventually helping grime form an internet following from uploads to YouTube.

This video series allowed artists to be more visible, and spread their sound. It would become one of the most important places for people to discover new grime music.

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Forward ".But who are the members of the UK group? What are the 'Options' lyrics about?

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And where are the NSG from? Their viral hit 'Options' is at the top of every playlist and the pulse of every radio station in the country, so it's safe to say British rap group NSG are having their moment. The Tion Wayne-assisted chart-topper, as well as their collaborations with Geko '' and 'Yo Darlin', have catapulted the group into superstardom with their afro-bashment sound and infectious melodies.

Who are the members of the group? Where are they from? And what are the lyrics to 'Options'? Check it out below. The afro-bashment group originate from Hackney, East London. Five out of six members of the group all attended secondary school together, with Mojo being the exception, but all members grew up in the same area.

However, according to the group themselves, 'NSG' is simply a lifestyle. Obviously gang, non-stop grinding, non-stop goals," Kruddz says. Chorus - OGD Want to make a mil', weren't an option In the field you kinda run outta options She always complain like she nah see me often But often I be OT tourin' Gyal don't worry I'll be yard in the mornin' Used to move like there's nothin' to lose Mixed the Off-White with the Hues Rollin' with like 10 of the goons.

NSG is the afrobeats act bringing London vibes to the world

Verse 1 - Kruddz Money callin', money talkin' Trap phone goin' ring ring Trap phone buy me bling-bling, yeah Where was you way back then?

I was doing stick up with my bad friends Police had us twist up pon the landin' Every other time mix up in violence. Verse 2 - PapiiAbz Not just because of the bustdown But I'm on the grind 'till I'm up now Hustle in the blood, I'm a hustler Tough striker call me Costa And my line ringin' from qway Trap line ringin' all day And my line ringin' from qway Trap line singin' all day.

Verse 4 - Mojo Amazing, all of this money I'm making Nights on the back roads, didn't phase me Did it for the culture where they raised me About to make a move Might have to sell food Do what you gotta do And tell the judge, "Free the goons". Chorus - OGD Want to make a mil', weren't an option In the field you're gonna run outta options She always complain like she nah see me often But often I be OT tourin' Gyal don't worry I'll be yard in the mornin' Used to move like there's nothin' to lose Mixed the Off-White with the Hues Rollin' with like 10 of the goons.

Nicki Minaj. Tekashi 6ix9ine. Picture: Joe Okpako.This distinctly British mix of African pop, dancehall and reggaeton is the sound of the summer — get acquainted with a few of its stars, from NSG to Afro B.

nsg members rap

In the UK, it's safe to say that Afrobeats or "Afrowave", "new wave", "Afro fusion", whatever you wanna call it has soundtracked the last few summers. Quickly becoming a powerhouse for the genre, high-energy collective NSG caught mainstream attention for Hackney smash hit We Dey, while the follow up Yo Darlin' cemented the notion that they were on their way to widespread success. Recent single Options — featuring Tion Wayne and production from J Hus -affiliated banger factory Jae5 — peaked at no.

Yxng Bane. Maleek Berry. Maleek Berry — real name Maleek Shoyebi — earned a gobsmacking amounts of streams with hit Kontrol. He's well and truly sustained the hype — single Love U Long Time is currently sitting on 35 million YouTube views. Afro B. His colossal hit Drogba Joanna is recognised a summer classic worldwide, and has earned him cosigns from the likes of Wyclef Jean. Naira Marley.

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Azeez Fashola, aka Naira Marley, hails from Nigeria and is a sharp talent to watch. Repping Peckham, this rap star in waiting bubbled up through a series of freestyles, and counts both Chief Keef and Bob Marley as influences. Listen to Red Bull Radio for in-depth interviews, exclusive mixes, live broadcasts and more.


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